Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lets put your ideas here

We will appreciate if you will leave your House, year etc in the end of the blog.


  1. I'm happy to see this invitation. It has a purpose and I wish it may serve in establishing new version of Netarhat School.
    I think first we need to discuss do we all mean same by "Netarhat kind"? What does this label mean? Only after specifying this objectively, point by point, we can discuss on them. I'll be starting collecting those points , as I've understood after living there.

  2. I will be curious to know if the haatians break open their shell into a democratic, informed discussion. Haat had many dark shades as well. I wonder if any one will expose that. For example, some teachers especially those recruited after 1980 were very biased, easy to many prejudices like dialect, culture etc. It added to the schisms prevailing and almost collapse in about 1986. It was only the academic brilliance which saved the haat from ingnominy.