Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bihar’s obsession with education


What is the accomplishment of Bihar for an enlightened person.

  • Nalanda university.
  • Old Maurya dynasty.

After wrecking my head for big time, I am unable to find anything else that gives us fame on world map. When Kolkata was India’s capital for around 100 years, 1800 to 1912, we were managing good and doing good in every industry. Before that, when Sher-shah became king, some good things happened in our state. Now that the capital has moved to Delhi, we are again the most backward state.

What does this shows? Near to the power centre is always helpful and that is what flourishes anyone. Who knew about GGN to NOIDA a while back . Haryana was a backward state, but proximity to Delhi has helped it to prosper far beyond its capability. Similarly western UP, Punjab etc all benefitted from the proximity to capital. Just in UP, western parts does much better than eastern parts. What is their in eastern part apart for handful of power projects and a historical town? Is it the better IQ of western parts? No !!! In fact, opposite may be true. But proximity to capital helps them.

In this background, let’s analyze the obsession of Bihar with better education. Every central minister tries to espouse the cause of students. For them, special trains are run and All India Exams have centres in Patna always. Every CM tries to create another Netarhat and Laloo’s most talked about thing was Charwaha vidyalaya. So, we are seen in the society as people with big brains and lot of IQ and lot of preservation. But, where does that leave us in the end. Look around yourself and you will see lot of Biharis starting with bang and then languishing in mid-career. Look around in the private colleges of Karnataka and Mahrashtra. What do see? Hordes of Biharis sent by their parents for better education. Money probably comes from bribes only. Not everyone can afford these colleges for sure. These brats then stay in colleges for 7-8 years before becoming education mafia or running STD booths after engineering. It is kind of same as Russian engineering degrees and medical degrees.

In last 5 years of his rule, Nitish kumar could not get one big industry in Bihar. Definitely there is better rule now, but what will happen if it does not come with jobs. But, instead of working super hard on that front and trying to get some job-creating industry for us, he is talking about creating new Nalanda  and new Netarhat in simulatala. When will this obsession ends. For long term growth, we need jobs for our semi skilled populace which is working in Gujarat, Rajasthan & Haryana factories. Once they are elevated, they will create real demand for real education that will take us up, not the rhetoric for good education. Good education comes from hard working people working in hard working industries and not intellectuals sitting in home.

Knowing all this and seeing ourselves working like slaves in other states, how can I feel enthusiastic about another clerk-generating school. When I look back at my batch of 1988-92 in Netarhat, 50% are probably still jobless or working in unorganized coaching industry. Few are in commission jobs and rest are doing some normal job. What is different here than a normal school? What did my batch achieve after spending so much money for government in school? Zilch . Nothing. What did my seniors achieve spectacularly. I see nothing. Does our thinking of inclusive knowledge fits in current world order. No. A school that was created on the model of some military school is now seen as great experiment and it is sought to be replicated. can’t we have better things to do?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

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